Monday, August 07, 2006

Onekama, Michigan

Okay now I am going to stretch the purpose of this blog just a bit by giving a review of my sister-in-law's boyfriend's cabin.

It is located in Onekama, MI. I have to say that this was much better than the trip we took to Lake Erie a little while ago.

In addition to Lake Michigan there was a little lake called Portage. We only played in Lake Michigan, but we walked on the big cement pier that ran next to the channel connecting the two lakes.

The beach and the section of Lake Michigan that was close to us were very clean. Sister-in-law's boyfriend said it was the zebra muscles. Someone needs to transplant them into Lake Erie.

The cabin was nice. It had a couple of bedrooms upstairs and a couple downstairs along with a bathroom, a family room with a wood store, and a kitchen. The well water smelled like it was right out of the lake, but there was a spring close by where they filled up a big jug of water.

I'm pretty hard to live with, but I enjoyed spending time with them, even just sitting around talking. I know some folks have to doing things, but I am kind of a home body. Driving the 7 1/2 hours there was the hardest part for me, since, as I said, I am a home body, but once we got there I was able to relax.