Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Star Trek: Enterprise

Over the last few years my daughter and I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.  We finally have attacked it aggressively and are into season 6.  I thought at that point it might be a good point to introduce her to Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

After a few episodes of Deep Space 9 we got to talking about other Star Trek Series.  I mentioned that Star Trek: Enterprise starred Scott Bakula.  I watched all the seasons of Quantum Leap with my kids, so she was interested.

How could this show go wrong?  It is about the early days of the United Federation of Planets.  It stars Scott Bakula.  The filming quality is higher than most of the other Star Trek series.  This should've been a smashing success and yet it was a fizzle.

Right out of the gate they introduce a species we have never seen in any of the later series or movies called the Sulibon.  That leaves a bit of a continuity hole.  They also start in the first episode with time travel.  Time travel is either done really well and entertaining or terribly poorly.  It is much too risky in a series like this and indeed it was done poorly.

Bringing in time travel into a series that is supposed to be the basis for all of the existing Star Trek series seems like a bad idea and it appears that it was.  Perhaps if they had established the series first maybe they could've incorporated a story line with some time travel.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Samsung Refrigerator Model: RF263AEBP/XAA

I was told there were no issues with my model of Samsung refrigerator when it started making noises.  I turned it off for a little while to see if it just needed reset and the noise went away.  It then returned a month or so later.

Since that time I have seen several posts about this model and similar models of Samsung refrigerators and this same problem and having to entirely melt the ice one a year.

A year after we first got it we had the same problem.  They sent a repair man out, who took it apart and spent an hour with a hair dryer melting the ice.  The ice had even frozen so much that it plugged the drain hole, which made the problem worse.  It froze the hole, even though there was a heating element there to attempt to keep it clear.

The repair guy tried to guess what was causing it to do that and said that maybe it was getting too much sun, since it was a black fridge, making it run more than normal.

A year after he deiced it, maybe less, it started making noise again.  I called them up and I ask for a refund this time.  After talking to the guy at Lowe's about how bad Samsung fridge's had been at one time and him saying that he has started selling them again, I went ahead and got the same model, figuring time had passed and maybe they got the bugs out.

I had some extra money left, due to changes in prices since I bought it the first time, so I used that money to buy the 4 year extended warantee with a little extra money of my own.  Due to the refund/exchange and the warantee Lowe's couldn't figure out how to make it work and ended up giving me the warrantee for free.

Within a few months the change filter light came on and wouldn't reset and the ice maker stopped working.  They came out and replaced the ice maker, but the change filter light is still on.