Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Dead Zone (TV Show)

This is not a movie or product, per se, but it is a show that caught my attention and I didn't think it would at first. Maybe it was just that I was sick and laid up and watched a marathon of an entire season or so. My perspective may have been distorted, but here are my thoughts.

Pretty clean show. Exceptions to that are as follows:
-I believe profanity has been dropped a couple of times out of about two seasons.
-The show starts with two of the main characters sleeping together after they get engaged and have a child.
-There have been a few bedroom scenes.

The show is about Johnny Smith, who is played by Anthony Michael Hall. Johnny spends his time trying to help people that her perceives, through visions, are in trouble. The visions took some disconnecting from for me in order to get into the show. They tried to tie it to that these visions were possibly given by God. For me, I just don't believe that a stranger has stewardship to receive revelation over another's personal life. You personally, a parent, or a religious leader that has authority given him of God to lead a group of people yes, but just someone off the street who is not even sure of his own religious beliefs was hard for me at first.

The emotions of waking up after six years and having the woman you love and were set to spend your life with be married and having a son who doesn't know you were very touching. Remains to be seen if it will get old.

It was interesting to see Anthony Michael Hall. It was a more serious roll than what I am use to with him. He also looks very different. He has bulked out a little. I guess bulked out is the wrong word. Maybe filled out is a better phrase. He appears much more mature.

They also threw in Alley Sheedy at one point, which was also an interesting flash back for me.

I know my opinion probably sounds very confusing, but for right now I am enjoying the show. One thing they could've improved on is the opening dialog and then opening and closing music. I realize the original idea for this was a Stephen King book, but the feel of these don't match the feel of the show. There is a happy ending and then drop to gloom music.

Edit 5-17-07
Now that I have finished season five I have to pull back a little on my statement that it is a clean show. In season five they seem to have cranked up the profanity. They are using the Lord's name in vain a lot and also other ways the characters are expressing themselves could be done more intelligently and responsibly.

Comparatively there are few bedroom scenes, but still more than I would like and more than I originally thought there would be.

I still think it is really well done in many ways, but if the trend of profanity and eroticism continues I will stop watching.

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