Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twilight (book)

When I moved to Utah I saw this book Twilight and the others in the Twilight series around everywhere. I don't remember seeing it when we lived in Indiana. I didn't know anything about Twilight, but since it was everywhere in large quantities including in Wal-Mart I assumed it was some romance novel that was not worth my time.

Months later my sister-in-law, who still lives in Indiana, asked if I knew anything about Twilight. She said it had been written by someone that went to BYU. I looked into it and it indeed appeared to be a romance novel, but with a teenaged girl and a vampire. Sounded gross, but I figured I would give it a look. She and I have been listening to Twilight and discussing it and even though it is not as gross as I anticipated it is still gross.

After reading the first book in the Twilight series...

The descriptions of the teenage girl swooning over touching the vampire's cold skin and smelling his sweet breath was nauseating.

The idea of a vampire dealing with the dilemma of being a vampire and yet a moral individual had potential, but it was so drenched in teenage romance novel goo that I couldn't focus on that aspect of the story.

Before one dismisses this review as that of at guy that doesn't like romantic stories, one should be aware that I checked out Pride and Prejudice from the library and enjoyed it for the most part, years before my wife discovered it.

After having read three books in the series (Twilight, Eclipse, and New Moon)...

Bella is immature, lacks common sense, is irresponsible, and has no self control. Even for a teenager she excels in these thing.

Edward Cullen is controlling and abusive.

There is a hundred years age difference between Bella and Edward.

His cold skin and sweet vampire breath really get Bella going. Really? Sick.

It makes me question some things with regard to the women who adore these Twilight books. What type of men the women are looking for? What types of relationships they are in? What about the way Edward treats Bella is attractive or even acceptable?

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Tina - Sister-in-law from Indiana said...

I totally agree with this post.
Last night I went to Wal-mart and the greeter at the door was a women in her 50's or 60's and she started talking to me about the Twilight books and how much she loved them. She said she couldn't put them down. She told me I should read them. I don't understand why she likes them or why she would start a conversation with a stranger about them.