Saturday, July 10, 2010

Green Canyon, Logan, Utah

We went up to Logan to camp in Green Canyon.  We headed up E 1900 N/Green Canyon Drive.  Shortly after entering the canyon the road curved to the left and shortly after that changed into a rough dirt road.

When we first got there the mosquitoes and other flying bugs were pretty think.  Mostly the mosquitoes were the problem.  We applied repellent, sprayed 2/3 of a can of a fogger, and started a fire.  After that the bugs were much better.  Not sure which of the remedies took care of the bugs.

My wife said she saw chipmunks earlier in the day when she was there.  I got there later and saw a rabbit and a green tree snake.

  • Free.
  • Plenty of rocks and trails for kids to climb on right in the camp site.
  • Campsites big enough for various sized groups, even as big as 5 family sized tents.
  • Camp sites spaced out well.
  • Fire pits.
  • Bathrooms and water fountain at the entrance.
  • One camp site is a big cave that is up and back from the road.

  • No rivers or streams near by.
  • Dusty.
  • Mosquitoes.
  • Bathrooms and water are a little bit of a hike.
  • Road rough for minivans, but doable at the lower sites.
  • Campsites generally close to the road.

Before we broke camp we went to Pounders in Logan and brought back some food to camp.  After we broke camp we went over to Logan Canyon and took a short hike by the river and dam.  As we went leaving we cooled down for a few moments in the river.  It was very nice.

Before leaving town we stopped at Aggie Ice Cream.

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