Saturday, April 16, 2011

Strong Canyon/Bonneville Shoreline April 16, 2011

We hiked Strong Canyon again today.  This time we hiked all the way up.  It turns out we had almost gone all the way the last time.  It looked like one could follow the stream farther, but a path had not been cut out.  I would love to be able to follow the stream to it's origin.

The trail stopped at a bridge at Bonneville Shoreline Trail  If you crossed the bridge to the right you could follow Bonneville to Beus canyon.  If you went left it would follow Bonneville to Waterfall Canyon.

We chose the right an headed toward Beus Canyon.  We went a fairly long way, but didn't go all the way to Beus.  It was a really nice hike, but it has been a wet late winter and early spring, so it was very green and the dust was kept down.  I imagine that in the summer or even a more typical Utah spring it would a lot more dusty and possibly hot, due to being in the most of the way.

There were a fair number of bikes on the trails.  Bonneville looked like a very good trails for biking, since it runs along the foothills of the mountain, so you don't have to climb straight up and when going back drop straight down.

A little way after we got onto Bonneville we saw a fair open area.  Our boys were able climb up the side of a grassy hill there.  They said there was a flat area that then continued to climb.  I thought that the base of the hill and next to the trail near a nice and big trail marker would be a great place to camp some time.  It is a little slanted and you would have to clear a few big rocks, but it had a great view of the city, Strong Canyon and Ben Lomond.

The path was not soggy except in one place.  The stream was flowing a lot, but it was still well within it's bounds.

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