Friday, June 29, 2012

Teen Wolf (2011)

I found the other day that the second season of Teen Wolf had started. While I still like the basic story, I think it is falling apart.

Most every woman and girl, even an older lady, is always in a mini skirt. It is a shallow script that relies on eye candy. On the same subject, the teenage sexual intimacy is a distraction to the plot.

I don't remember how the last season of Teen Wolf was, but so far this season the homosexual innuendos are frequent, unnecessary, and awkward.

The lizards are lame. I was following the werewolves and it was working when it stayed on plot.

Derek's character keeps flip flopping. It was great when he was trying to find out who killed his family and get answers about himself. Seeking for power as an alpha ruined it.

I am hoping Teen Wolf gets better, but some of these turns I fear are irreversible.

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