Sunday, November 25, 2012

Covert Affairs

This show has several good attributes, but several things that are holding it back.  Below are a couple pros and cons.


  • Auggie
    There is something about the blind super agent.


  • Untouchable
    Much like with 24, the main character, Annie, continually breaking the rules and coming out unscathed and at times with honors is wearing thin.
  • Short Season and Long Off Season
    This season, season 3, we got 13 episodes that wrapped up by the end of November and then will not return for the next season until next summer.

    While I do enjoy that USA Network and other networks do their season so they run over the summer, instead of the traditional taking the summer off and having a big fall event to bring stuff back, the long break makes it hard to remember to go back to the show.  It also makes it difficult to remember what was happening when it does finally come back on.

    I believe my wife missed all of season 2 because she had no desire for the show after forgetting everything that was happening in Season 1.  I am not sure how we got back into it, but she has watched season 3, but has the same concerns that she will give up on it and not return for season 4 because it will be too stressful to not remember what was going on and too time consuming to watch episodes from season 3 again to refresh herself.

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