Monday, June 17, 2013


While the 1 terabyte of storage is phenomenal, the software is some painful that it is near to unusable.  The software is not intuitive, so it is difficult to learn how to use.  Once you do get the feel for a little of the functionality, it is so slow.  Trying to select a bunch of files for upload the desktop uploader tool takes forever.  I tried using the one online and never could get it to stop spinning the loading screen.

Additionally, Flickr does not appear to have provided true management tools.  It is difficult to upload, download, organize, and view all of my photos.

I'm sure they are fearful that many people might actually use the full terabyte of storage, but if they make it painful to use then no one will use it at all.  It won't just make them use the storage at a slower rate, it will just frustrate them and people will give up.

I've been trying for weeks to up load my photos and have gotten some up there.  Then I tried to show my wife and daughter how to access them.  It was horribly painful to figure out how to expose it to them and only them and then to explain to them the hoops they need to jump through to get to them.

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