Saturday, April 12, 2014

Medication: Diclofenac and Methocarbam

I had some ribs out of place. The doctor sent me to a chiropractor and he put them back in place for me.

The doctor prescribed Diclofenac (generic for Voltaren ) 75mg as an anti-inflammatory and Methocarbam (generic for Robaxin) 750mg as a muscle relaxant.

I took two Methocarbam and One Diclofenac at bed time.  Mid morning the next day I began to have intense internal pressure.  Later in the day I started to have large amounts of gas.  In the evening I was very constipated.

When the symptoms started, I thought perhaps it was from having my ribs adjusted and being pushed on.

Later that evening we were reviewing the potential side effects of the medicine.  We found that the symptoms I was having were some of that can be caused by Diclofenac.

I had these symptoms after taking only one Diclofenac.

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