Saturday, August 16, 2014


Divergent (2014) Poster

I was not impressed by the trailer and plot description of Divergent.  It just seemed like more Hollywood cookie cutter stuff.  My wife was interested and I was willing to watch it to spend time with her.

The movie was very slow to start out and somewhat confusing.  Throughout the movie the the plot was slipping into not making sense or connecting.

I was expecting to see the different factions doing their jobs, but for the most part the protectors just trained and walked around town like a band of thugs.

For all of its problems I did end up enjoying Divergent.  With all of it holes, it kept me hanging with it and left me with a feeling of enjoyment at the end of it.

It was over two hours long, which I very much like putting the time into telling a story.

Many of the themes dealt with fear, so there were suspenseful things.  There was also a lot of fighting.  The extent of the sex was a little kissing and someone being a jerk saying "take it off" as a girl took off her coat.

Just to give perspective, there was far less foul language than in Back to the Future, which many consider a good family film.  The language in Back to the Future often takes me out of the movie when watching with my kids.  If you are comfortable with the language in Back to the Future, you will be comfortable in this movie.

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