Friday, September 15, 2006

Tim McGraw/Faith Hill Concert

My sister-in-law got us tickets when Tim and Faith came to Indianapolis a month or maybe even a few months back.

We knew the seats were on the floor, but even though we figured that was very close we didn't know what to expect since we have never been on the floor before. Our tickets were for seat one and two, but you never know which aisle they count from, so we didn't know where we would be possitioned with relation to the stage. The usher told us to go down the stairs. The next usher said to go under this black curtain that appeared to be connected to the stage. I didn't know what to think of that. Did she get some back stage tickets?

It turn out that the stage was in the center and then had I think four runways coming off of it. We were walking under one of the runways. I think it may have also been a passage way for them to get under the stage, since we never saw them enter and they came up through the floor of the stage as they entered.

We continued walking and saw like a fifteen or sixteen on the outside seat. "Okay, so we must be on the inside", we thought for a second. Then we looked across to where we logically thought one and two would be and our eyes met another runway. We walked down the row and sure enough we were leaning right on the runway.

The show was nice. Faith went first and then they did some duets and then Tim and then some more duets. The only problem was the sound quality. Not because of the performers or the equipment, but because of the venue. Conseco Fieldhouse has terrible accoustics. I saw another concert there a while back and the sound bounces off the walls and really distorts it. It reminded me of loud AM radio or maybe even more descriptive would be to say music encoded at 8 kbps.

Faith came down our runway a couple of times and each time she touched everyone's hands. That was interesting to experience. The crowd was a little hysteriacal at times and it felt kind of weird holding up a hand to a performer.

I think Tim came down a couple of times too and that was little more comfortable, at least from the standpoint of having him touch us. I held up a fist and he gave me a knuckle bump. That was nice and it felt more natural. The crowd, on the other hand, was really out of control. He came down in front of the stage at one point to get close to the crowd and I guess one of the woman said or did something inappropriate and he pulled back and shook his head at her telling her whatever she did was a no.

The added hysteria that came with Tim being on stage was that women from behind us we jumping over us and crowding in on us to get to the runway. My wife was closest, so I had to block people out to keep her from being crushed against the runway. I locked hands on the chairs and locked elbows into the hips and checsts of a couple of women that we trying to pile on top of us.

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