Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Scale 0-10 0=none 10=Ultimate
Immodesty = 8
Violence = 3
Language = 6
Sex = 7
Plot = 7
Action = 5
Suspense = 2
Character Development = 3
Plot Development = 5

Short skirts, bedroom scenes, and one nude rear scene.

I gave it a six in language not because of the frequency of the language, but because of the types of things they said. From the first scene there were really crude references by one of the characters. The character was supposed to be a shallow guy, but I think we could've gotten the idea with being so graphic.

There was a lot of going down the perverse trail of what it would be like to have a super girlfriend.

THe basic premise was really good I thought, but underdeveloped and shallow. Just like with character development. The plot was there it just took a bad way of displaying it.

Character Development
The movie was a little short at 95 minutes. That made for a fast paced story, but opened it up for cheap humor and shallow characters. Shallow as in not developed and also in stregth of character. Everything about them was on the surface.

In this movie Luke Wilson reminded me of a cross between Gil Gerard and Bill Pullman. This is not a positive of a negative, just an observation.

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