Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Man of the Year (2007)

Scale 0-10 0=none 10=Ultimate
Immodesty = 2
Violence = 2
Language = 6
Sex = 7
Plot = 7
Action = 5
Suspense = 4
Character Development = 6
Plot Development = 4

As far as I can recall everyone seemed to be clothed fairly modestly.

The violence was pretty tame for having suspense and mystery elements. There were several attacks and attempted attacks on people.

Language and Sex
I'm going to group these together because there is only one huge issue I had in these areas and it was the same thing, Robin Williams' blue standup. We have seen that he is very capable of doing clean and hilarious improv (Aladin, Mrs. Doubtfire, and to some extend Mork), but when he drops to the gutter he digs deep. There were several scenes where he was doing graphic sexual gestures and talk. All of which, I felt, took away from the plot.

Plot and Plot Development
The plot a had a lot of potential. The idea of someone running and saying it straight and not taking money from special interest group as well as the scandle with voting machine. It turned out to be mostly about Robin Williams blue comedy and less about making the plot tight and believable.

There was a fair amount of action, but could've been better integrated with a good plot development.

There was a little suspense as people were being pursuded, but pretty tame.

Character Development
We got to know the characters fairly well, but with a better plot it would've rounded them out more. The wrap up by the psuedo narator helped a lot with the main character, but the co staring characters could've been given more story.

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