Friday, August 27, 2010

MagicJack No Caller ID Data

I was having problems with the MagicJack making crackling noises when I was making or receiving calls.  It was also not displaying caller ID data.  I contacted support chat.  They said to remove it from the dongle that was included with the MagicJack.  Once I removed that it would not fit in the USB port I was using.  They suggest that I plug it into the back on my machine when it would fit without the dongle.  When I did that the crackle went away and phone numbers were showed on my caller ID.  They also suggest I use a power USB hub.  When I had I previous contacted support a couple of years ago they had told me to never use a hub because it caused latency or something like that.

The reason they gave me this time for needing to use a powered USB hub was that the crackle and caller being missing were being caused by a low power issue.  The dongle was dropping the power.  Plugging directly gave most power, but the power hub apparently gave a lot more.

They gave me the same solution to get caller ID.  Although when someone says I have Caller ID, I would assume the MagicJack would pass on all of the Caller ID data to my device.  In this case the device was a phone that was capable of displaying phone numbers and names.  Even if they can't pass the name from the phone system, I would've assumed they could have inserted the name from the MagicJack address book when I have given the names I know the callers as.  The software dial pad displays it on the monitor screen, so the information is available.

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