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Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

My son and I have been listening to the book STAR WARS: DARTH PLAGUEIS.  As we listened my son had the desire to watch Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith again.  As we watched I figured I should lend my voice to the thousands that have already lamented about what should've been.

I think I liked this one the best of the prequills and I think it could've been a solid movie, but the dialogue was so bad.  I loved the light sabers and the character development, but each were generally dampened by flat dialogue.  Additionally there were many plot holes that were inexplicable

It seemed like Obi Won was the only one that had any close to decent lines.  I don't know if that was because Ewen McGreggor is a decent ad libber and her fixed them on the fly or if he just got better lines.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about.

Anakin and Padme on the Balcony
I have no clue what the purpose of this scene was.  It was mostly just awkward, pointless, and not romantic.  Their demeanor and the way the lines were delivered was weird.

Here's part of the scene and dialogue:

Anakin: You are so beautiful! 

Padme: It's only because I'm so in love . . . 

Anakin: No, it's because I'm so in love with you. 

Padme: So love has blinded you? 

Anakin: Well, that's not exactly what I meant . . . 

Padme: But it's probably true!

Yoda's Speech Impediment
In The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi Yoda sounded like a wise jedi master.  In Revenge of the Sith, and even the other prequil movies, they drug it out so much and put it in such awkward places and ways that he just sounded like someone ignorant of how to speak correctly.

Battles Droids With Squeaky Voices and Ghetto Vocabulary
In the hanger with R2 D2.
SUPER BATTLE DROID 2: Get to back to work. That nothin'.

Anakin Meets General Grievous

General Grievous: Anakin Skywalker. I expected someone with your reputation to be a little... older. 
Anakin Skywalker: General Grievous... you're shorter than I expected. 

Anakin's retort was labored and drawn out.  Better delivery would've helped and perhaps also dropping the General Grievous at the beginning.

Grievous's Over Dramatized Death
This is not technically dialogue, but still poor writing or acting.

When Obi Won kills General Grievous he gives an over exaggerated weird screech for several seconds.

Palpatine's Dialogue and Fighting
Whenever he would fight his facial expression were goofy and over exaggerated.  The luges and blocks he did when fighting we also very forced.

Then there was dialogue like, "No! No! No! You will die!"

She Lost the Will To Live
Since watching it the first time I get the feeling that there was more to it than that (like sidious controling her death to keep control of Anakin), but what a stupid way to explain it.  Lost the will to live.  Especially coming from a droid.

Additionally the naming of the babies was weak.  Lost the will to live, but not to name her babies before she abandons them.

Plot Holes

Four Jedis Cut Down By an Old Man
I think the back stories of these jedi tell of how powerful they were.  I realize this is probably to illustrate just how powerful Darth Sidious was.  Unfortunately it didn't translate well.  Sidious' fighting style was lame with over exaggerated facial expressions and lunges.  Additionally the four jedi that were cut down pretty much just stood there and were cut down in a matter of seconds.  They had to have been told before they went in that they were apprehending a sith master and yet they were dumbfounded or something.

Sidius's Burning Himself With Force Lightning
I realize the idea was that Sidious was suppose to be trying to get sympathy from Anakin and also give off that he was in great peril, so Anakin would come to his rescue in order to save Padme.  Additionally to get him to do dark things to defend her.  The whole scene was very weak.

Anakin's turn to the dark side.
At the ending of that scene was Anakin turning to the dark side.  It just wasn't very convincing to me that he basically just rolls over to killing children and whatever Sidious says just like that.  Wouldn't the angry and impetuous Anakin try to make him tell him the secret?

Yoda Feels Defeated
Why does Yoda feel he is defeated by Darth Sidious?  They seemed evenly matched.  He had just given Sidious's force lightning back to him and they both got thrown by it.

Lava Burns Everything Except Jedi?
How do the lava not burst them into flames or choke them from the burning fumes?  Wouldn't the air have to be filled with way less oxygen than is needed to survive due to the burning and wouldn't the air be filled with a gaseous form of whatever it is burning?  Also, lava burns at thousands of degrees.  Just being within a few feet of it likely would start to burn a person.

How does she remember her mother?  Why is she a princess being the daughter of a senator.  The latter maybe could be explained in that maybe the senator was of the royal line of Alderon or something like that, but remembering her mother at all is ludcrous based on the way it was presented in Ep III.

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