Wednesday, April 04, 2012


When I moved to Utah I saw this book and the others in the series around everywhere. I don't remember seeing it when we lived in Indiana. I didn't know anything about it, but since it was everywhere in large quantities including in Wal-Mart I assumed it was some romance novel that was not worth my time.

Months later my sister-in-law, who still lives in Indiana, asked if I knew anything about it. She said it had been written by someone that went to BYU. I looked into it and it indeed appeared to be a romance novel, but with a teenaged girl and a vampire. Sounded gross, but I figured I would give it a look. She and I have listened to it and discussing it and even though it is not as gross as I anticipated it is still gross.

Age Difference
There is a hundred years difference in age between the main characters.  My wife an I have three and even that sometimes seems like there is a generation gap.  I can't imagine the differences at 100 years.  Also, even if he looks like a teenager, the dude hasn't matured past his pouty and hissy fit phase in a hundred years?

Cold Skin/Sweet Breath
Nothing like cuddling up to an ice cube.  Mmmm, comfy.

Sweet breath?  What does that mean?  I don't get it but it made me nauseous.

Teenage Lust
The book is filled with an under tone of teenage lust.  I saw one married lady comment on her blog the emotions it geared up inside of her and she has no idea how a teenage girl who is trying to save herself for marriage deals with a book that sends her mind to those places.

Struggle to Overcome Natural Impulses
One positive side of the books I saw was even though there was the constant push for physical intimacy from Bella, I thought the parallel between controlling drives that we have and denying them or redirecting them to a more appropriate place compared with the vampires desire for blood had potential for a good story.  Unfortunately the development of the plot and the lines given to the characters were thin.

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