Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Taylor Canyon Hike, Ogden Utah

April 23, 2011
We took the kids hiking up Taylor Canyon starting at the 27th Street trail head in Ogden, Utah.  The canyon follows a stream.  I have searched around for the name of that stream and I can not find it.  The stream was flowing fast and full, but while we were on what we knew to be the trail it did not come onto the trail.

We saw several small waterfalls on the sides of the trail.

There were a few bikers on the trail.  I think they were just connecting up to the Bonneville Shoreline trail.

We turned around a little ways onto the upper trail, since my 15 year old daughter just wore light jogging shoes and three quarter length pants and was hurting.

Leaving the beaten trail at the sign for Malan's and the spring or for Taylor Canyon upper trail.  Once we got onto the upper trail there were no more bikers or even hikers for that matter.

As soon as we got onto the upper trail the "trail" went into the edge of the stream for about 20 yards.  For the most part we were able to keep our feet on the rocks with minimal wetness, but it was not a trickle we were hiking in.

When we got to the bridge and sign again on the way down to rest, two guys with snow board and skis came down from the upper trail.  They said they had come from Snow Basin and were bushwhacking their way down.  I would be interested to know how they found their way through the bush without getting lost, how they didn't tear up their snow pants in the bush, and if with a little bit of trail blazing would our family have been able to get up much higher.

April 4, 2012
We went up to Taylor Canyon again.  We just wanted to go part way up and sit by the water and read and talk and watch the kids play.  We trudged through the dusty parts of the lower trail and got to the bridge of the stream.  It was bone dry.

I have talked to two difference people after the dryer winter we had.  One is a guy in his thirties He spent a lot of time in the mountain as a kid hunting, fishing, four wheeling, and so forth.  He is entirely unconcerned about having less snow in the mountain this year to melt down to us.  His opinion is that it was above average wet by far last year and there is plenty of water in that mountain.

I talked to another friend of mine this winter about it and he is very concerned.  He is a World War II veteran who has lived in Ogden his entire life, other than the brief period when he was bouncing around the country for the military.  He says that dryer than normal winters cause a lot of problems come summer time.

We have lived here only a few years and we usually see deep deep snow in the mountain and traces of snow well into July.  My guess is that this year most will be gone by the end of May.

Notice the difference between the ankle deep water in April of 2011 to the bone dry stream in April of 2012.

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