Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Hunger Games

I was very much uninterested in The Hunger Games.  My daughter had read the book, The Hunger Games, and did not like it.  The premise of the children killing children seemed, to me, like a bad idea.

The movie ended up being somewhat interesting and it was over two hours long, which usually makes for decent time to develop characters and plot.  The movie was not long because it was developing characters and plot.  It was long because it was slow.  Everything seemed to have a pause between it.  The scenes.  The dialog.

Things that could've and shouldn't been developed with that extra time were not.  They ended up not explaining bits and pieces that would've made the movie make more sense.  It was as if they assumed that everyone that was watching the movie had read the book and would already know the things they were leaving out.

From talking to my daughter I learned that if you had read the book you would be frustrated because they scrambled the plot and characters in places.

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