Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Open Top Trash Can In Fast Food Restaurants

There are things that I am seeing more and more of that I think I am really liking.  Increasingly I am seeing trash cans in fast food restaurants that have openings at the top with no lids.  Usually you have to put a heavy flap out of the way that everyone's dirty hand have touched and probably the remains of their food.  It has always been disgusting to me.

The ones with holes on top are kind of like a counter, so they are easy to get your trash into and it is easy to clean off.

Trash cans are often the last thing you experience at a fast food place.  Making a good final experience for your customers, I think, is a great idea.

With an open whole there is no juggling the tray to try to get it in the trash door without touching the grimy door.  With the trash can with a door, I end up spending way too long in front of a filthy trash can.  The open whole trash can allows me to walk by it quickly, drop my trash, and be gone.  I'm wanting to leave and it does not hold me up from doing that.  I just had a meal and I don't want to feel like heaving it up while fighting with a smelly trash heap.

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