Sunday, September 28, 2008

A-1 Flavors

I love A-1 for seasoning meats, but it is way over priced. My wife found some on a clearance cart and instant messaged me at work to tell me that she found a deal on A-1 for half price. She is awesome.

It turned out that it was A-1 in various flavors. First let me ask, "Why flavors?" A-1 is perfect, other than its overpricedness, so why mess around with it. We purchased two of the flavors, Smoked Mesquite and Cracker Peppercorn.

The Smoked Mesquite tasted nothing like A-1. It was like a Mesquite BBQ sauce. No thanks. If I liked Mesquite BBQ sauce, which I do not, I could find it for a lot cheaper than A-1 sauce.

The Cracked Peppercorn tasted like A-1 with chunks of crushed peppercorn in it. Some might like it, but it was not great. It was at least tolerable as opposed to the Mesquite. At first it was runny like water. I shook it up a little and it was better.

I have tried the store brands that are positioned near A-1 on the shelves, but they were not even close to the A-1 formula. At least they were a store brand. These A-1 brand flavors were inexcusable.

Somebody please tell the makers of A-1 to lower the price, so more of us can buy it, and stop messing with perfection.

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