Monday, September 08, 2008

Google Chrome

At first Gmail chat did not work in Chrome.  The next day it started working.  I did not install an update to Chrome, so i assume Google tweaked Gmail chat to work with it.

I find that frequently there are links I click on that just sit there and spin.  One that comes to mind most recently is in Facebook when you click to see more applications.  It then dynamically expands the list.  In Google Chrome it does nothing.  I had to switch over to Firefox to do what I wanted to do.  Could be the way Chrome implements Javascript.

Things I like...
When one tab has a link in it that spawns another tab the tab opens right next to the tab that spawned it and not at the end of the list.  Very help ful when you have several tabs open and when you are done with the spawned tab you want to go back to the parent tab.

Tabs run in their own process.  This possibly makes it more stable, since one rogue tab most likely will not take the others down.  It also allows you to kill a tab that is misbehaving without having to take them all down.

Tabs can be dragged out of the main app and made their own window.  They can also be dragged from their own window into the main app with the other collection of tabs.

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