Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I had heard of Chuck-A-Rama perhaps in LDS movies (like I had also heard of Hogi Yogi), but it always just sounded like a funny name and not a serious place to eat. That being said, I guess the name Stucky's also gives me a weird feel, even though I have eaten there.

Chuck-A-Rama appears to have started in Salt Lake City and only has a handful of locations in Utah and two in Idaho.

Anyway, I ate at Chuck-A-Rama for the first time. It was much classier than the idea that the name brought to my head. I guess I might have been thinking like a place with a clown or something like that. Nonetheless, the name is catchy and the place is not corny. It was a lot like a Ryan's or an Old Country Buffet with a western feel.

Food and Drink
There was a large selection of desserts, lots of sides, and a plentiful salad bar. On the other hand it was greatly lacking in fruits and main dishes.

It had a large selection of items. There was three or four tables of regular food (mostly side dishes and chicken prepared in different ways), a table of salad, and a table and a half of desserts including an ice cream machine.

A side effect of the selection or the lack of main dishes, when I was full I did not have a feeling of "that one thing" was great and I really want to have some more of that again. That sort of feeling usually makes me hungry to go back to a place later and makes the end of the meal perhaps more satisfying.

They had a few more drinks besides soda. They had a slushy machine, but it only had two flavors. The flavors were weird and a little strong. I think one was sour apple. In addition to the flavor, the machine seemed to be malfunctioning. The red was not slushy and the green was actually warm.

$9 for adults at lunch. I think it was $11 at dinner. Kids for lunch were $0.60 per year old up to 11 years old. I can't remember if the price was different at dinner.

I would go there for lunch during work hours every couple of weeks if the lunch price was $6 or less. At $5 I'd go almost every week. $9 for lunch is expensive and $11 for a buffet really seems high. I know this seems to be the going rates, but those prices keep me away. Fortunately this time I went someone else was kind enough to treat me to it.

Their website is very flat(www.Chuck-A-Rama.com), but did have the information I was looking for which was where their locations are. It took me a bit to find it since I first typed in ChuckARama.com. They should probably have both domains.

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